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The Counselling Center

The counselling center for bi-national couples and families is an offer for Swiss and foreigners who live in a binational, bireligious, transcultural relationship or are affected by it.

Founded in 1970, the counselling center has grown in importance over time in line with globalization; today, more than one third of marriages in Switzerland are binational!

With its experience and contacts built up over many years, the counseling center is the point of contact for those seeking advice in the Basel region on the various questions of a binational union. It advises binational couples on legal and intercultural issues and offers psychological and pedagogical support for integration, relationship or educational problems. The counselling center works confidentially and is denominationally as well as party-politically neutral.

The counselling center is also happy to support mononational couples if staff capacity allows it.

The counselling center is financed by the Verein Beratungsstelle für binationale Paare und Familien, donations and counselling fees.

The association has received considerable contributions from:

Bürgergemeinde Basel-Stadt
Swisslos Basel-Land
GGG Basel
Ernst Göhner Stiftung
Max Geldner Stiftung
Nicolai Stiftung
Hansjörg Rovira Stiftung
Kanton Basel-Stadt, Präsidialdepartement, Fachstelle Diversität und Integration

Thank you very much!

In conjunction with the counselling agencies in Bern, Lausanne, Luzern and Zurich, the counselling center makes the most important information regarding binational partnerships and marriage available on the web at


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Verein Beratungsstelle für binationale Paare und Familien
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